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  • CareWatch gives our staff the right information to help them analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the quality of care in their facilities.”

    Melinda Cotton, MGC Consulting

  • “The RUG Potential tool is very helpful in identifying missed opportunities during the MDS look-back period.”

    Becky LaBarge, RLL Consulting

  • “eHealth Data Solutions is the perfect partner.”

    Renee Reber, Senior VP of Clinical and Regulatory Compliance, Consulate Health Care

Solutions To Simplify. Streamline. Sustain.

Founded in 2001, eHDS, is now among the largest providers of solutions to simplify the pursuit of quality, drive reimbursements, streamline processes, and sustain results. Across the nation, thousands login, review millions of tips for strengthening assessments, input thousands of points to improve quality, and process thousands of claims. Backed by a powerful team of experts with decades of experience, you gain so much more than just software. You gain a partner committed to your success…for life.

eHealth Campus

eHealth Data Solutions trio of products: CareWatch, RiskWatch, and UBWatch work together to enhance organizational performance and continuous quality improvement using an evidence-based approach. We provide data analytics that address clinical, administrative, and reimbursement concerns which enable organizations and facilities to pro-actively convert their data into meaningful, measurable action.

Serving organizations and facilities nationwide in the LTC industry, we provide over 1000 subscriptions to our partners for our data analytics, risk management, and financial integrity products. These innovative web based information systems focus on providing accuracy, a reliable foundation for MDS assessments, UB-04s, RUG rates, occurrence reporting, and treatment plans while emphasizing quality of care.

With a proven return on investment, eHDS services increase the transparency and accountability of clinical, administrative, and billing activities. With unparalleled training and support programs, our products quickly become integral to the work flow.

Why Partner With eHDS?

Deep industry experience.
You get a team that will help you achieve ROI faster and sustain results longer.

HL7 membership.  
Because eHDS is amongst those defining industry standards for data management, you’ll stay ahead of requirements for Meaningful Use and more.

How eHDS Works

There’s no software to purchase, no networking costs,
no new hardware to buy.

Easy integration.
With all major EHR suppliers eliminates double entry.

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