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eHealth Data Solutions started in 1997 as a project to use MDS data to increase quality of resident care and secure appropriate payment for that care. As the project matured, the team confirmed that nurses could improve resident care if their information system would put critical resident information within 3 clicks of a mouse.


  • 1021 CareWatchehd-black-cir-r / RiskWatchehd-black-cir-r / UBWatchehd-black-cir-r subscriber
  • eHDS introduces Universal Bill Watch as its third product. UBWatch is designed to enhance billing processes and increase cash flow for long term care providers.
  • Texas State Watch page added to CareWatch .


  • 823 CareWatch / RiskWatch subscribers
  • CareWatch and RiskWatch are adopted as requirements by two insurance companies – one company purchases Riskwatch for all of its subscribers


  • 625 CareWatch / RiskWatch subscribers
    • RiskWatch introduces the Virtual Campus to manage risk across the entire long-term care continuum encompassing skilled nursing, assisted living, adult day care, home health visits and independent living units.
    • Percentile Benchmarking for QI/QM, Case Mix and Assessment integrity introduced
    • Specialized modules introduced for 11 states
    • CareWatch and RiskWatch subscriber receives unqualified recommendation for insurance


  • 474 CareWatch / RiskWatch subscribers
  • 4 Leading healthcare associations sign agreements with eHealth Data Solutions
    • Iowa Healthcare Association
    • Life Services Network (Illinois)
    • Nebraska Healthcare Association
    • AOPHA (Ohio)
  • RUG 53 analysis and tracking introduced
  • Customers receive QIO recognition as most improved for Pressure Ulcers


  • 147 CareWatch / RiskWatch subscribers
  • RiskWatch is released for first customer availability
  • Illinois Health Care Association signs an agreement with eHealth Data Solutions and 75 IHCA members subscribe
  • Medicare and Non-Medicare RUG Watch introduced
  • Customers achieve record profits


  • 69 CareWatch subscribers
  • eHDS introduces the Illinois Watch Page to gauge payments under the state’s new Medicaid reimbursement formula.
  • Subscribers use CareWatch to eliminate and reduce Annual Survey Citations – one facility has a level H citation reduced to a level D before end of survey based on accumulated resident care and assessment data found by using CareWatch
  • The CareWatch repository is instrumental in reducing insurance premiums

December 2002

  • 36 nursing homes use CareWatch
  • CareWatch proves its benefit in support of Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR)
  • CareWatch allows the Corporate Quality Improvement Team to find residents who deteriorate and to review that all care given is appropriate
  • Logic Flags in CareWatch prove that consistent and more logical assessments improve Quality Indicators and move the Case Mix to an appropriate level

May 2002

  • CareWatch is released and our first customer (8 nursing care facilities) signs a contract.


  • CareWatch beta program in two Ohio Nursing homes began after two years of research, prototyping and field testing.
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