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If you thought you noticed some changes in the site over the weekend, rest assured, you’re not imagining it.  We added some functionality, enhanced some existing features, and fixed a few issues.  Read on to check the full list of changes.

UB Watch

UB Watch got the royal treatment this development cycle.  We’ve added several new links on the Welcome Back page which makes moving around the pages easier, added some new logic flags, and changed the look of the logic flag explanations.

New links on the Welcome Back page:

We also added the ability to change the date range to the top of each of these drill through pages:

In the Service Line List table, which is a drill through page accessed through the Billing Overview report, we added a “Totals” line which shows the total dollars and charges for the date range selected.  See below.

Select a group of service lines that you want to review from the Billing Overview table:

This opens the Service Line List which now includes the running totals shown on the page.

Because we separated the Exceptions table into Part A, Part B, and combined,  (see the links highlighted in the Exception Summary in the image at the top of this bulletin) the Top Exceptions table now also shows the exceptions differentiated in the same way:

We also changed the way that logic flag details and explanations are shown on the UB File eHDS Flag List.  The new presentation follows the same format as the CareWatch logic flags and simplifies the explanation of what the issue is, how to resolve the problem, and the potential impact if not resolved or documented properly.

Be sure to follow the “breadcrumbs” path shown across the top of the image below to access this page:

Don’t fret if you preferred the previous presentation of the UB flag list, we’ve kept that functionality too so that you can have the best of both worlds.  Simply click the “Details” link found below the new description section and the previous logic flag format opens for you:

And rounding out all of the enhancements and improvements to UB Watch is the addition of two new logic flags which address:

  • an issue of a missing modifier for therapy on a Part B claim
  • therapy services not being justified by a diagnosis on a Part B claim


CareWatch got its fair share of attention this development cycle too.  We added the ability to separate merged residents from the Resident Information page, added percentiles to the QM Benchmark data, and added the ability to “Remove from Medicare” on the Next Assessment Due list, among others.

Separate Merged Residents:

To separate merged residents, start from the Resident Information page and click the “Move” link.

The new page, “Move Assessments” opens which allows you to complete the action.  This page is modeled after the previous version of Separate Merged Residents (the MDS 2.0 version) and functions in the same manner.

QM Benchmark Percentiles:

When you create a QM Benchmark Report, you can now see your percentile rank for each of the QMs at the facility level.

Remember that percentile shows your standing with regard to the QM percentages of other facilities.  The percentile number tells you that you did better than or the same as XX percent of the other facilities.

For example, if your percentile for the QM pain, short stay is 18%, this means that your QM performance was better than or the same as 18% of other facilities.

Note: Generally, a lower percentile indicates that a facility is doing better with regard to the specific QM.   However, sometimes higher percentile scores indicate better QM performance such as in the case of vaccine administration.

Remove from Medicare:

You can now remove a resident from Medicare by either drilling through the MDS 3.0 Assessments Due report or by drilling through the Medicare Resident Roster.  Only users with reimbursement and/or reimbursement analysis roles are able to perform these functions.

From the MDS 3.0 Assessments Due report:

From the Medicare Resident Roster:

When you click on any of these links, whether from the Assessment Due report or the Medicare Resident Roster, a new page opens:  the Medicare Resident History page.  This page shows you the full Medicare history of the resident, the Medicare assessment data, and gives you the options to remove the resident from Medicare completely or to adjust the Medciare stay end date.

An example of how you can adjust the Medicare stay end date is shown below:

After modifying the date, note the change in the number of days based on the new date:


Below is a list of enhancements and improvments that have been added to the products.


  • Resident list now allows you to filter by the first letter of the last name
  • Support for HL7 A11/113 (cancel admit, cancel discharge)
  • You can now attach documents to AskeHDS questions. Also, follow-ups are now sorted to make them easier to read
  • Added Remove from Medicare action to Next Assessment Due list
  • Added support for MDS nested zip files (zip files within a zip file)
  • Improved help pages for MDS Details
  • Do not show invalid assessments in MDS 3.0 details
  • Improved Organization Structure page to make it more readable
  • Enable Casper MDS3 activity report type
  • Automatically request submitter final validation report when assessments are missing from first validation report
  • Reset locked-out accounts
  • Performance improvements for Resident Summary Listing
  • Resident Summary now allows you to go below the facility level
  • Print MDS 3.0 in landscape mode to fit more columns
  • Additional items for state fields in MDS update V1.01
    • add S9040H to list for CA state
    • added support for NY and VA section S fields

Miscellaneous Fixes:

  • Corrected minor problems with the resident roster
  • Several cosmetic improvements to column headers.
  • Corrected problem where empty or bad date fields generated errors
  • Adjusted field lengths on Add New Resident page to conform to MDS restrictions
  • Fixed a problem where a day of care could be recorded without the facility
  • Applied Merge Resident changes to Use Analysis
  • Corrected a problem in which under certain conditions an assessment modification did not replace previous modification
  • Residents with only 1 assessment no longer show Weight Gain or weight Loss on Resident Summary Watch page
  • Split Assessment Due page to use separate tables per facility
  • For invalid assessments show invalid reason when drilling through submission history
  • Fixed a problem in Use Analysis when “Show users without sessions” is checked

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