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RUG Payment Analysis Potential

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 by Eve

For those of you who live in states that calculate Medicaid reimbursement using RUG 34, we have developed a new set of payment analysis pages that allow you to see the impact of possible missed opportunities and inaccurate/incomplete documentation using your own data.

And for those of you who use RUG 44 or 66, we have great news you too – development is on schedule for these reports to be available October 1, 2010. As we make the successful transition to MDS 3.0, our comprehensive CareWatch solution includes these reports so that you can use your own data to see the potential impact of inaccurate or incomplete documentation that may result in missed service opportunities for your residents and missed reimbursement for your facility.

These tools are designed to match documentation with your clinical record and highlight possible inconsistencies which may affect both your care planning and RUG scores. Because of the glimpse “into the future” that these reports can provide, we use the term “potential” to describe them, which explains the titles, “Time-Weighted Resident RUG 34 Potential” and “Point in Time RUG 34 Potential.”

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